Make SMS a highly effective marketing tool for your restaurant or café with UfirstBulkSMS.

Increase Your Reach

Utilize SMS marketing to spread the word about your cafés and restaurants and connect with more people in the neighborhood.

Customer Retention

Use SMS marketing to keep customers coming back, and use rewards and discounts to persuade people to sign up for your SMS subscriber list.

Awareness of Exclusive Deals

Utilize SMS marketing to let your clients know about your special offers and newest menu items.

Opt-in Confirmations

Hi {name}. You’re welcome for joining our sms list. Present this text, you have 25% discount on any pizza. Offer expires on {date}. Cheers, {restaurant}


Breakfast Offers

Good morning, enjoy a free 7up with your breakfast by showing this text. Offer is only valid on Mondays from 8AM to 11AM. {restaurant}


Launch Offers

Hello {name}, receive your launch pack of jollof rice and chicken for just {amount} and save 20%. Valid only on Fridays from 12pm – 3pm. {restaurant}.


Deals for Dinner

Hello, {name} show this text to receive a 25% discount on orders of three or more. Offer is only valid from 6 to 8 PM on Wednesday to Friday. {restaurant}


Encourage Buy More

Hi {name}, When you spend more than N5000, show this text to receive an N500 voucher. Offer ends on [date]. We appreciate you picking {restaurant}.


Awareness of Menu Changes

Hi {name}, We always strive to wow your senses with delicious food. We just changed our menu. We have some amazing new meals! Explore them {restaurant website}


Feedback Campaign

Hi, {name}! As we strive to provide superior service, we hope you enjoyed your lunch at {restaurant}. Please give the experience a rating


Retention Campaign

Hi {name}. You haven’t been to {restaurant} in a while. We miss you. Show this text to receive complimentary beverages with your meal. Offer ends on {date}.


Start Sending

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Need a Website?

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Do you need a specialized agent to handle your restaurant's SMS marketing so you can focus on running your restaurants?

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