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Our platform is quite easy to use. Once you have logged into your account, you will see boxes for ‘Mobiles’, ‘Sender’, and ‘Message’. Type the phone numbers you want to send a message to, enter your Sender ID, type your message and click ‘Send’. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

A sender ID is a customized 11-character-long name you want your audience to see when they receive your message. For example, you have received alerts from your bank with sender IDs like GTBank, FirstBank, etc. Your Sender ID could be your company, church, or school.

Please note that sender ID can be eleven (11) characters maximum. That is the general standard.

There is no limit. You can send messages to as many phone numbers as you want at any time if you have enough SMS naira in your account to do so. Fund your account.

The numbers should be in a text file, separated either by a space, comma, dot, or any other character, our application can pick them out.

Your numbers must be in the following format: 0803xxxxxxx or 234803xxxxxxx. Do not use formats like 803xxxxxxx or +234803xxxxxxx otherwise, your message will not be delivered.

The minimum SMS credits you can buy from us is ₦500.

Yes. You can become a reseller and start earning decent revenue. Learn more here 

DND means Do–Not–Disturb. DND Started in the Nigerian telecommunication industry on July 1, 2016. The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) gave all service providers directive to implement DND on their services to check the incidence of excessive unsolicited SMS and automated calls. With the enforcement of DND, subscribers are given the freedom to opt-out of receiving promotional messages for third-party services such as bulk SMS and other value-added services.

To opt out of DND, text the word “STOP” to the short code 2442 and then text “ALLOW” to the same 2442.

DND delivery price starts from ₦4 depending on your package.

To register your sender ID, send your preferred sender ID(s) to Contact Us for registration.

It takes between one (1) day and three (3) days for your sender ID to be registered after you apply.

Yes, you can send voice SMS either by Text-to-speech or by uploading your recorded file. This feature can be found when you log in to your account, click on “messaging” at the top left, and select “call message”.

One (1) page of SMS can contain up to 160 characters which include spaces.

Yes, it can and is even cheaper. To get started, please contact us.

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